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Cubed is a small tech-demo for Voxel-based rendering utilizing the jMonkeyEngine platform. I built it to learn the differences between greedy and naive meshing, and how to handle face-merging techniques with textures. Cubed utilizes my Java port of libnoise to show off basic pseudo-random terrain generation. Here are some examples of the rendering process:


LocalShops is a bukkit plugin which allows Players and Server Admins to setup localized shops to their Minecraft server interactible through chat commands. Some of the features I worked on were AABB collision detection, internationalization support for commands, configurable shop access lists, server-wide and world-wide shops, item-type detection, and the ability to buy or sell items by clicking on signs within the shops.

Vault & VaultAPI

I helped build and improve Vault because I needed a universal API to access multiple economy, permission and data plugins from within my own Bukkit projects. This is what led to the creation of Vault as a standalone project. It is now used on around 50,000 servers worldwide daily.